After receiving numerous awards, including 2nd Place in ribs in the New England BBQ Championship - and a follow - up 2nd place in ribs in May of 2017 at the Ridgefield Gone Country Championship -

The Firehouse Smoker set out to deliver its Central Texas Style BBQ to the Farmington Valley.  Whether you're a native New Englander or Southerner you'll find our slow cooked, simple rub, and meat profiles to satisfy that BBQ craving we all love.  We suggest you skip the sauce.

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EGift Cards Now Available:
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It all started a few years ago after watching a season of BBQ Pitmasters on TV.  It was a cold and snowy winter and the desire to eat really good BBQ kept permeating my brain.  I found a Texas Style offset smoker and bought it from a friend.  After turning out really awful ribs (a hockey puck would've tasted better) I began the quest to cook authentic Central Texas BBQ. Friends and family were my taste testers and after years of studying and honing my skills I came up with a formula that worked.

In 2015, I formed a competition team with my friend's Matt, Dave and Tom.  We entered one competition - The Bears BBQ New England Championship.  Famous Pit Bosses and Chefs came to CT for this competition.  We spent hours unloading coolers and setting up our booth - we worked countless hours and fed the masses.  Well - people loved our flavor profile!  You see up here in New England we love sauce - so much I wonder why people put meat on their plate.  Our recipe was simple...salt, pepper and love.  As we tended our fires over night we wondered how we'd fare.

You'd not believe the smiles and cheering as we placed second in ribs!  SECOND PLACE in our first competition!  Our Pork placed as well and we finished 10th of 30 teams in the people's choice competition.

For our second competition we placed 10th in brisket in NYC!  

The quest didn't end there - After numerous catering events and cooking for the masses we've decided to bring our authentic Central Texas BBQ to the Valley.  I spent a week in Austin working with some of the best and now I've set out to deliver this authentic style to CT.

What is Central Texas BBQ:  Low and Slow cooking, simple rubs (salt and pepper) letting the smoke and meat do its magic.

I frown on the use of sauce.  We don't use it.  We'll leave that up to you.

We specialize in Brisket, St. Louis Ribs, Pulled Pork, Pork Belly, Beef Ribs and Sausage.  Don't forget the sausage!

We cant wait for you to try our 'Q.  Grab a cold beer, eat a slice of brisket, with some bread / pickles and onions...take a sip and repeat.  You'll thank us you did!