At the Firehouse Smoker BBQ - we cook Central Texas style barbecue, specifically Austin Style. We smoke locally sourced cuts of meat like brisket, ribs , turkey and pork, cooked with only oak wood fires. Our meat cooks can take over 24 hours to prepare.

We do our best to cook enough meats to serve for the duration of our Food Truck events. We don't serve any leftovers from the previous day, its just not at times we do intend on selling out.

As you can imagine there is a delicate balancing act between having the right amount of food to serve our customers, drive business and not go home with wasted product.

If you arrive close to when we open the truck, you'll probably have lots of meat and sides to choose from. If you arrive close to when we the truck is closing or the venue is closing, we'll probably be running out of meats.

we thank you for supporting us!


BBQ Awards

  • 2nd Place Ribs -
    Ridgefield Gone Country State Championship

  • 2nd Place Ribs: New England BBQ Championship

  • 7th Place Peoples Choice: New England BBQ Championship

  • 10th Place Brisket: NYC BBQ Championship

  • 10th Place Pulled Pork, New England BBQ Championship



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We intend to stay till the end (7:00pm) or sold out!  Thanks!​​

The Firehouse Smoker BBQ

where you will enjoy Central Texas Style BBQ! 

280 D Main Street
New Hartford, CT 06057

​First come first serve
no reservations

Thursday - Sunday 11:00 - until sold out